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On 11/13/2020 at 11:18 AM, Sam Allen said:

@Joe Gonzalez

Here are some thoughts and ideas for you on the R&R and incorporating different actions

You could say we are in “Blue”…Blue means when you cut, you have to back-screen your way out

“Red” could be pass and screen away…you must screen away on any pass

“Green” is pass/cut

Black is we ball screen every pass, so you have pass & follow into a ball screen

Now, you can advance from there and say

Chris & John are in Black … Mike & Terry are Green….Joe is Red so you customize it to personnel and harder to scout and guard

I have more thoughts but will stop there and let you chew on it 


@Nate Wade please share your thoughts on this also

@Sam Allen I like that, a lot. It seems like it is a little more structure than just giving one player a role and going on, but still would allow for creativity. 
… I really like how you leveled that, though. I like the idea of having it customized to personnel. Where I’m at in the journey I don’t have 5 guys that can just go “straight on R&R” unless all I want them to do is pass/cut….. but I’m worried that if there’s that ‘call’ from me at the team level that’s all the whole team is going to see…. not what comes FROM the action, but the action itself. 

Hopefully this makes sense?

I’d love to hear your thoughts even more on this… after doing my due diligence to chew. I have a feeling your thoughts are a bit more refined than mine ?