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Now, @Nelson Handel, that’s a deal worth it’s weight in gold! Too bad there are travel restrictions in place as we could perhaps skip step 1….

Kudos knowing what Haggis is! Never has it passed my lips but, then again, we’re vegan. There are veggie versions which I’m told tastes like spicy stuffing. I guess every culture has a type of food driven by poverty or at the very least th need not to waste a precious resource. 

Ironically, haggis is derived from the very animal that caused so many Scots to be cleared from the land in order to make room for large free ranging herds of sheep. Tenant farmers were moved to extremely marginal lands, many starving (many reduced to collecting kelp) or emigrated to Canada or Australia (emigration to the USA dropped markedly after the Revolutionary Wars when Scots sent to the USA, because their allegiance to the Hanoverians was suspect, fought for the British). 

Seriously, though, best resource for R&R drills? Just checked online & the club isn’t flush enough right now to spring for Better Basketball’s dvd collection. 

Thank you! ?