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Great question.

I’ll offer a quick few ideas for you.

Website: Poll your parents (or kids) on who has the ability/talent to do a website…that way you can potentially have someone do it for free to get started and just get it going…later on, if you need to upgrade, you can raise money to do so for a more professional look.


Create Social Media handles on FB, Twitter, and IG, maybe TikTok: Just “document” the journey.

Examples of posts: 1) “Excited to get started here at Santa Monica HS. We have a great group of kids that are committed to getting better.”

2) Just highlight different players weekly or assistant coaches.

3) As you go through the process of 1 & 2, you will start think of other ideas and learn what you don’t know


Community Outreach: Build relationships with businesses in the community that have an interest in serving kids…brainstorm ways that yall can partner that will mutually benefit each…Example: Restaraunt that provides pre-game meals and then you push family members to go their after games