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Hello Alan,

Great question, I was in a similar position last year.  Fortunately at the time I was able to be go to the school and recruit, understandably that is not as easy under the current climate. 

PGC Basketball partners with TeamSnap, they recently held a roundtable webinar recently on this subject.  Here is the link to view this free webinar:


We also created a Facebook page and Instagram account to engage players.  We started with the returning players and enlisted them to encourage friends to join our page.  This year with remote learning, we have worked with the athletic department to send out messages to the students to with me about information about the team.  We have also created an account on the SportsYou app and added all the players that we have, which has allowed us to communicate with the players and add new players to the group as we add anyone that is interested.  


Coach, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to connecting with you in the future. 


Chris Storey