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Nelson, @Nelson Handel
 Did we talk about this on our phone call or LL/Roundtable?

Nevertheless, some quick thoughts to marinate on.

Create a “fitness challenge” – it could change each week.

-could be part coach-led, part player led or all player-led or all coach-led

I would start now or beginning of January

Week 1:  1 mile run challenge. Run a mile, drop your time or short 30 seconds video into group chat or marco polo with your time and encouraging word for your teammates

Week 2: random player or selected player(s), picks the week 2 challenge – maybe “tabata” home workout challenge with push-ups, sit-ups, squats, rapid fire 15 mins workout…could be done or at designated time on a zoom call

Week 3:  2 mile Basketball dribbling run

*You could create a google spreadsheet and either they track or you enter data in there.

*You could incentivize by sending a $5 gift card to a person each week who was most consistent or had lowest or best times

Within the team, have a few sprinkled leaders who are doing smaller group texts of 3-4 players where there is additional accountability 

I think the biggest win is the 1st step here. I have more thoughts on more specific fitness challenges, activities that would help reduce risk of injury and decrease stagnation at home, but I think first step is just getting them doing something….James clear thought, “You cannon improve or improvise a habit until you establish a habit”