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On 12/12/2020 at 6:12 PM, Nelson Handel said:

great framework @Sam Allen. I had an open convo with the team this week, and was pleased to find that many (but not all) were working out on their own. I asked them to focus on stretches (ilyasoas and hams). But certainly a team-wide challenge will be inspiring to them. I’ll put this in after the 1st of the year and report here on the results.  thanks!

We did a team wide challenge before we could return to play and had a good response, with players not just posting results but videos of themselves too. Videos were a voluntary component and sparked some good natured ribbing (usually about choice of music) and lots of encouragement. 

When we returned to actual play outdoors, we started Fun Fitness Fridays. One part of this was a run, starting with 1.5k. A number of the older guys started a morning run WhatsApp group with the goal to do work up to 5k daily, then achieve it in 20 minutes. This then grew, as mornings got darker and running on unlit rural roads was less appealing, to encompass a morning workout as well. 

Once we returned to indoors we start every training with a ‘Captains Warm Up’, lead entirely by the boys after discussing what to include. One part is a circuit, with various stations charted. The boys are enjoying it and the leaders are deciding when to vary components, make others more demanding etc.. It has been interesting to see both the physical development and the leadership development as well. Giving them ownership, I think, has elevated their response and engagement.