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Hey Kelli,


I am happy that you are able to play!

First, I would recommend a YouTube livestream over a Zoom. I have found that it is easier to be able to have a larger number of people be able to watch the live-streams this way. 

Is there anyone that can run the sound/move the camera/film for you? I often find with a camera we miss moving the camera to the other side of the floor, or where the play is.

Secondly, Up in Canada when we do have live-streams, I have had players do a quick wave or a hi mom/dad before games, or say a short message. This usually makes the day for those who can’t make it to the games. (I am in Canada currently, and here in Winnipeg, we cannot even have our gyms open/have any sports at all!) 

Thirdly, for your kids to feel supported, I have adopted this idea before big games or games where our fans are out-numbered, or our players just need a boost! We have each player’s family or friends make a sign or two with encouraging messages, and then have a manager/assistant tape them in the locker room before the game. Usually whoever makes the signs adds their names, so they know who it is from. We have had signs from “Go Warriors” to wise quotes that fire up the players. When the players enter the locker room, they have the encouraging signs and messages from their fans and positive messages in their head to start the game/warmup! 

Lastly, if you don’t already, you can have a group online that includes the fans/families/friends, and include pictures from games etc. 

I hope that helps!


Take care,