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@Sam Allen Hey Sam! 

I actually fell off the saddle one day so far, so I did made up for that note the next day and wrote two notes.

One thing I do in my notes/thank-yous is include a specific event of which I am thanking the person for, or why I am grateful for that person. When I heard back from those I have sent my notes to – they mention that the specificity really makes their day/week! Some notes are longer, and some include a picture of a memory, every one is different.

I find I am so grateful for so many people in many areas of my life, that I may continue this practice after January! I have had some people say that they have never received a handwritten note before! Some had no idea that they impacted my life so much, or that I remember certain eventS from my playing career or primary school years.

At first, I was thinking of this challenge to include mostly those in the basketball/sporting world, and a few from those who have impacted my legal career, education, and my immediate family. I soon realized that I have many people in my life for whom I am grateful, including mentors in a multitude of areas, and past players from who I have learned so much. I wrote lists of names for those I wish to send a note to under several categories that I surprised myself. 

Thanks for the accountability!


Take care,