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Hey Rob! Welcome to Key5.

Great question.

If we had the ball with between 1:10-40 sec left we tried to go 2 for 1 in a situation where we might not have had the opportunity (30 sec shot clock).

The mindset or principle was to push hard in transition and look for a quick shot off an aggressive move – drive and kick, one on one at the rim depending on who had the ball in their hands. If we had a 5-10 second quick-hitter or call in transition we would use that – looking for the first available open look. How to frame any teaching of shot selection in these special situations is important. I would think it could be similar to your low shot clock situations, where you would want players to look quickly to create or maybe you have a go-to action.

This may be a good topic to add to our next master class about transition offense: @Sam Allen, @TJ Rosene