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On 12/17/2020 at 3:53 PM, Ruth Grant said:

7 points of Pestitude? 

That’s a new one for me and idbw grateful for enlightenment! 

Thank you! ? 

@Ruth Grant …..   Debbie Black Special ?

I have only had the pleasure of attending one live PGC camp (and I was blessed enough to have Chad Songy and Rudy Bentley BOTH be there).

Chad presented this to us, and I’ve taken it straight from my PGC camp notebook and put it here for you. 

  1. Be in the Bubble (invade personal space) – be close enough to touch their knee

  2. Always Beat the Ball – the goal isn’t always a steal, but it is to rush your man into a turnover

  3. Mother Leopard – DUAL AWARENESS—-It’s ALWAYS you vs the OTHER TEAM–not your man

  4. Be active off the ball [both mental and physical]—How do you paint the floor per possession?

  5. Talk Help – communicate to intimidate——Relevant info (not babble) ——Anticipate the NEXT THING

  6. Urgency—-You should play D like $1 milion dollars is on the line every possession

  7. Fouls are Errors – ALL FOULS HAVE THE SAME MEANING——1972 downward motion rule–any downward slap is a foul—–Try to get 3 leather touches PER POSSESSION