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On 1/15/2020 at 9:14 AM, Sam Allen said:

Hi Sam,

How many formations do you use? (Box, Diamond, 1-4 high, etc)?

I’m using the BLOBS and SLOBS you shared on the Live learning before the season. I was set to use another screen-the-screener set, but I liked how the diamond formation fit with my press and press break formations. We’re running Fist slob and Diamond Blob. We’ve seen a ton of zones D this year, so we run “flood” from diamond, which usually gets us that wide open WS three.

How many sets out of each formation do you have?

1 main and 1 variation, for both m2m and zone. I like to keep it simple. Too much thinking inhibits flow, and I’m a flow guy.

Do you try to score or just want a safe inbounds?

I always want to score. What could be a  better opportunity than running a set play from stationary positions?

How many points per game do you average on BLOBs and SOBs?

I don’t fully trust Hudl stats on this, but it says our BLOB and SLOB % is around 33% “successful,” meaning, i suppose that we score on that possession. I can’t attest to how many points are coming directly from the OB action. it says our “ppBlob” is .75, but it says the same about our ppSLOB, and with all the zone we’re seeing, I can say for certain we get almost nothing on SLOBs. (I’m looking for a better SLOB vs zones, if you have one.) Against zones, I feel we get a good shot on the inbounds vs zones about 65% of the time.

For Defense, do you run 100% Zone, 100% man, mix it up, aggressive, straight up?

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