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Hi Joe,

Welcome to the party. put up you last name so we can distinguish you from the other Joes.

to your question: dead ball or after make?

If latter, consider an OOB baseline pass. Have your best playmaking guard take it out, and your best long passer at FT line (place other three at best catch and shoot positions). Passer sprints out of bounds, Guard passes along baseline and then sprint cuts to middle (he should have a speed advantage over big guarding him). Look to hit cutting guard, who then looks to advance ball with pass to spotted up shooters, or long pass if open. You can add some mid-court screening action with other players if you want to complexify.

on 3/4 court SLOB, I box in front of inbounder. Basket-side players screen up for backcourt-side players. We’re looking to release the mid-court/backcourt player off the screen to the rim. Inbounder fakes pass to backcourt (initial action is in that direction, so defense bites), then throws over the top in front of basket cutter. High pass hard to block. This only works if opponents are guarding closely on the inbounds. If they are packing the paint, then you shouldn’t have too big an issue with the inbounds pass.

Alternately, put two on mid-blocks, and two at ball-level (spread box). Near-ball player screens far-ball player, then basket cuts off screen from weak side block at top of key. Strong side block (best 3-pt shooter) flares to near sideline and weak side block sprints to top of key to screen cutter (screen-the-screener). Look for cutter or corner 3. This is the f*&^ing play that beat us in city semis last year ?.

This is not complicated stuff, but in that situation, simpler is sometimes better.