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Hi Rob,

Yes we played a lot of 4 and 2 minute games to, because you probably want to save your timeouts your players will have to recognize the strategy on the court, potentially without a stoppage. So the short games (mimicking ‘end of quarter’) were really helpful. I think getting the ball into your best playmakers hands would be the best bet, but depending on time anyone with the ball would also be triggered to make an aggressive move to the basket hopefully either creating a good shot for themselves, getting to the free throw line, or kicking out for a three. Worst case scenario a poor shot or turnover leads to 2 pts on the other end. So ‘who’ does matter and I hear TJ on ‘wasted shot attempts’. Maybe defining roles on who shouldn’t have the ball in these scenarios would be helpful.

When you’re practicing these games you could also coach the defense. Obviously both teams could/should be looking for 2 for 1 opportunities, so I think recognition by players would be the most helpful. But I don’t know how many teams really prioritize the 2 for 1 situations. I think it’s mostly untapped. If you’re playing a team that you know goes for this strategy, you may be able to pick out how they attack it and game plan to mix it up on them defensively in these situations.

Really good questions.