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hi @ANDREW SCHROEDER, welcome to the party ? . Let me try to break this down for you.

First, we always front the post. Gap and Deny positioning on the others players dramatically minimize the vulnerabilities of over the top lobs and the like.

when ball reaches left corner, you have two options, depending on player skill and where you are in implementation. If early in the learning process, you can be comfortable with on-ball pressure forcing the baseline drive, and stay home on the post. Even if the driver gets a shot off, it’s a difficult shot with someone sitting on your right hand. I can live with that.

As you get more experienced, you can trap the corner on the 1st dribble, what Tyler calls “Trigger.” In this case, post sprints to trap when 1st dribble hits floor and the high help defender (strong on the mid-line) drops to cover the post and/or baseline drift. The trap effectively takes away passes on the 45 to the WS wing, so we only worry about baseline players.

This is the same coverage we use whenever the low help defender has to help on a drive, BTW. We get a ton of steals on this coverage.

As to RBing, 70% of RBs will bounce to the WS, so though the post front is in poor position for the board, left side shots don’t kill you with ORBs. I teach post D to get on the post high hip and influence them down behind the backboard, what TJ calls “erasing.” Goal is to take them out of ORB position and let someone else get the ball.

Hope this helps. Happy to chat at any time.