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Hey Kristen,


I love the responses above and that is a great stuff @Dave Nedbalek! Thanks for the set. I too love Spain actions. I agree with @Sam Allen, and love the idea of seeing the hedge as a player advantage opportunity, and then having my players make a read. I think too often the player with the ball gets intimidated when they see a hard hedge.

I emphasize being patient attacking the hard hedge,  and with the Spain action in the middle with different wrinkles out of it – you can back-screen, or instead of the back-screen we have done a flare off a screen from the wing, or the big coming off of the back-screen he could pop and the back screener could reseal in the lane.

The key to me regardless of the offense is that I try to get across to my teams is that the defense has already put themselves at a disadvantage by putting 2 on the ball, so with any offense, our question is how can we maximize the advantage for our team, and keep 2 defenders on the ball for as long as possible (unless there is a quick slip like stated above etc.), so in you’re in a situation playing 4 on 3 with a 7 or a 9 shot!