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On 2/28/2021 at 12:37 PM, Victoria Zuke said:

Happy Sunday, everyone!


I am wondering if there is a new challenge for March, and if anyone has continued the letter writing into February? I have (although I missed a couple of days.) The feedback has been amazing, and expressing more gratitude everyday for almost 60 days has been incredibly rewarding!

Looking forward to a new challenge!


Take care,


That’s terrific, Victoria! I’ve tried to maintain too although not every day do I manage a handwritten note. If I can’t then I try to either send an email/text/message or verbally.  I’m working on the principle that I need to express at least one message of gratitude to someone every day, albeit the format may vary. I feel almost guilty in that I definitely feel like I’m deriving more from the exercise than my recipients…lol.

Definitely would welcome another challenge too!