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Thanks, @Ruth Grant! I think the power of a handwritten note is amazing! I have missed a few days but just jump back on the wagon. I love your principle of expressing at least one message of gratitude to someone everyday! During the pandemic, as so many were impacted differently, I added that I checked in on someone everyday (by phone or text)  to see how they were doing and if they needed anything. I felt I could often help and still be of service to others! I definitely derive so much from this exercise, and I am so grateful to practice gratitude, and I am happy to hear you are continuing with this habit! I read yesterday that the people with the most joy all reported high levels of gratitude – so the feelings we are deriving makes sense!


I would be in for another challenge as well – maybe we can start our own. I was wondering if anyone would be in for perhaps reading one of Dick DeVenzio’s books, or re-reading them (in my case, I always find something new). Or – Jay Bilas – Toughness, another great read! 

Let me know your thoughts!