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That’s fantastic @Victoria Zuke! Interesting about the most joyful folk having the most gratitude. I’ve certainly come to appreciate how small acts can have much a larger than anticipated impact on my perspective.

I started contacting 2-3 players every day when the pandemic started and kept it up. I then started checking in with older, more isolated folk in the wee village I live in. I walk about 10k every morning with the dog and started including one of these folk on my walk to check in on every day. Couldn’t go in but amazing how quickly they started looking for me, waiting for me by the window or door. And I enjoy seeing them just as much. It is such a small thing to do, why on earth did it take a pandemic for me to reach out to them? 

It goes back to the 1% principle: I’ve gradually added a few small bits that collectively are growing me and enriching my life. 

Definitely interested in another challenge. Love to (re)read any of Dick DeVenzio’s books – sure I’d certainly get more out of them discussing with others.  I haven’t read Bilas’s ‘Toughness’ so certainly willing to dive in. Actually, I’m open to anything! Thanks for moving forward with a suggestion!