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On 1/15/2020 at 1:36 PM, Aaron Hill said:

@Tyler Coston thanks for the great format for learning.   I just finished watching your most recent live learning.  The new emphasis really feels like it simplifies the early stages at the very least. – (I

Most of my questions were answered, but I did have one that you alluded to, but I would appreciate your thoughts and clarification.

I’m so glad the adjustments to the layers provide more clarity and simplicity!

On 1/15/2020 at 1:36 PM, Aaron Hill said:

I am curious, when matching up in transition how you would handle an overload left.  Say the controller does his job, but only barely, and the ball enters half court on the left but near the mid-line.  The offense has a player on the wing, as well as a player in the corner (both left) as well.  In this case would you have the sniper play a true zone concept and “guard” both players – just adjust his gap when the ball is passed to the wing.  If so, how would you teach the closeout to the wing when that would leave no one in the gap and an open corner. 

I think I am picturing this, the Safety is not gap as the Sniper closes the left Wing. 


Matchup Low drops to the rim on the Wall. 

On 1/15/2020 at 1:36 PM, Aaron Hill said:

Or would the matchup high player move to the left side for an additional gap defender?  And if that is the case would the sniper take the wing or corner.   

As I type out the question I find myself  leaning towards the first option.   The trick here (besides the closeout and gap coverage) would be that the controller would then be responsible to deny the wing after the pass to the corner since we are outnumbered on that side.   Perhaps even have the controller hand off the original ball handler to the matchup high defender on the pass to the wing – and double from the top and push the sniper left.   

I believe my choice without guidance would be to have the controller responsible for an immediate jump switch to the wing on the pass with a sprint to the right ear “closeout”.   The spacing should be a bit cramped making this a manageable rotation to avoid giving up the clean 3, particularly since the controller should be expecting this pass.  It seems likely to invite/push the wing into the desired left handed drive into our sniper.   

Huge caveat:  I begin installing next week, so my expectations are hypothetical rather than based on observation – but my understanding is that these first couple of passes, and how well we execute our defense on them, will make or break the possession.

I’m typing as I’m thinking so please excuse the rambling.  I would love to hear thoughts on this matchup and rotation.

This is very helpful to us all as you will find what needs to be coached and trained by what happens most in games. Your personnel, your coaching emphasis and your competition will create unique problems for your team. Each team I work with finds that. Once you get to those unique problems, you are on your way because you are controlling what you are giving up instead of the O.