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@Nelson Handel awesome! 

One game I love to play is basketball “ultimate”. Usually we do this in warmup as well in season and my teams love it. Divide into teams, and then use a different ball then a basketball (so they can focus on catching on the move and just an extra challenge of catching and having clean catches on the move). I like a nerf football for example. 

Use the rules of ultimate for turnovers (where they drop or fumble the pass it is a TO). So 5 on 5, and no dribbling or dropping the ball. Players are usually stagnant at first. Then, they focus on cutting and getting open, so it is great for planting, changing speed and direction in cuts, changing heights on pivots to pass, etc. Otherwise, they don’t get open. 5 second count for when the ball is in your hands.

Depending on the age group, I’ll award a point for hitting rim, and 2 for a shot. If a more experienced group, they have to hit a shot. Can go to as many points as you’d like. 12 is a good start. On a score, the other team inbounds quickly. 

Works well to improve communication too!

Hope that helps!