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11 minutes ago, Stevie Jones said:

@Nelson Handelwhen you say high deny are you referring to the sniper position?  I just started running LL this past season and like the ideal of running it m2m v.s as a match up zone.  

I would love to be in more LL discussion as I have falling in love with the defense.

happy to hop on a LL call anytime Stevie. email me coachhandel@gmail.com.

What I call “high deny” is what Tyler calls “Match Up High” the defender responsible for the RS wing spot. If we’re defending correctly, that defender tracks the second player in backcourt (who often matches ball as pressure relief) as it comes up , staying in full deny to prevent pass to RH of floor, and then spends most of his/her time walled up on the midline somewhere around the FT stripe. For Travis’s situation, he’s got a player easily winded and often under the basket on O. I figured this spot would minimize running for her.