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On 4/12/2021 at 2:46 PM, Nelson Handel said:

I think questions #1 and #2 are probably best @Tyler Costonqueries. I run the LL as a M2M scheme, and while I like the idea of a match up zone, don’t know much about implementing it either. If I had to guess at the best position for the player you describe, I’d look at her in the high deny spot. A good controller should be able to minimize early passes to the right wing, and she can jog down the court with the second backcourt player in high deny. I’d want my safety back fast to wall LH drives, and keeping her high minimizes the amount of running she has to do. But that’s a guess.

As to Q#3: tagging up requires a physical team, not afraid to bang a little. They also must be alert enough to play off the front of their feet, meaning crash their defender as the shot goes up. Speaking with @Mark Jarramabout this (he’s run it a few years), he lets his bigs maintain their RB position if they are inside their cover, and teaches them to “erase” by sealing their cover below the backboard if not. this is similar to Tyler’s approach.

Thanks Nelson and Stevie.  I agree that matchup high would reduce her running but she is pretty slow footed so I think the other team might have an easy team getting it to the right side. 

My gut is telling me to have her crash the O boards and then transitioning to the matchup low position.  When the defense is ‘set’ and when there is an opportunity to, I would like to have her exchange spots with the safety.  She deters a lot of shots at the rim with her height and being taller I think she would make passing out of the baseline trap difficult.  My only reservation is that baseline trap would be a bit later than having my next tallest player there (about 5’10”).  Thoughts?