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On 4/10/2021 at 6:10 PM, Travis Klooster said:

@Tyler Coston @Nelson Handel


So I have a question that is personnel related. 

I have a senior that is roughly 6’2″ (girls bball) and has a traditional post build and has traditional post quickness.  We run Dribble Drive so she is typically in the dunkers spot.  She has a solid 6 inches on just about everyone else on the team. She does have asthma and usually has to be subbed every 2-3 minutes for a 2 minute breather. Most other players are roughly the same quickness and are capable on ball defenders.


NOw that I have that out of the way here is my question (s):


1.  What would you recommend her role to be in transition?  Safety or matchup low?

2. In the latest videos you seemed to recommend a matchup style defense throughout the possession.  Would you recommend this with my personnel?  How does the defense change when committing to a match up?  I don’t have a lot of experience running a matchup so lots of detail would be great on this.

3.  I have become familiar with tagging up but have not implemented it yet.  To be an effective tag up team do you need to have five relatively capable defenders in space?  Or could you get away running it with a traditional post as I have described?


Thanks in advance.


1. In the new LL 2021 version, it makes roles easier. 



Eraser – make her your eraser at the rim on D, also her rebounding role. 

2. Absolutely, it’s why I went matchup as default, to put players in roles that allow them to be successful and master reads and gain relevant experience. 

3. If you do the rebounding roles, you can assign roles according to strengths/weaknesses, tag some, drop others or tag all. 

hit me with an email tyler@pgcbasketball.com if you want to go deeper. I’m not on this forum often.