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Great day to be a Hall.

Thanks for sharing. I agree…3v3 is a great way to develop reads for the game. Specifically when you have constraints like 3v3 kickout where you only shoot layups and 3s and you can’t catch inside the arc…it forces players to learn

1- how to beat on-ball defender

2-when to pass to teammate based on off-ball defender’s help

Games like 2v2 Read the D where the off has an advantage and it’s a same sided game where the strong side help defender has to either help or stay home on corner/wing shooter is a good one.


The key is determining what “Reads” you think your players you coach need to learn the most of and then creating practice/training situations to work on that or those reads.


Def reads are important as well…it’s a long conversation and a good one. Thanks for starting it @Reed Hall


Grow the game,