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Reyna, it is never pleasant being caught in a process in which we feel we have neither input, control nor access to all the information available. You’ll always emerge feeling emotive and questioning the outcomes because of that information gap.

I’d suggest that taking a moment to acknowledge that how you feel has validation is important but don’t dwell there. You can go round & round the houses, but with only 1 side of the team’s responses you will never have satisfactory answers to the questions you keep asking yourself.  

The only thing that I can add to the valuable insights folk have already given is that if this is an inevitable process every year, then perhaps if you cannot change the process you can help prepare your team to understand how to give  feedback that will enable and empower the programme to grow.  This may have to be a season long process so that by the ultimate programme evaluation they have grown their skills in providing constructive, actionable feedback and seeing how positive action can be derived from how and what they choose to contribute. 

Hang in there. You know you’re committed to being and giving the very best. Believe in yourself.