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Hey @Joe Gonzalez

Thanks for the post…here we go…

1. How do you structure your shooting drills into your practices? All at once? Mixed throughout? Etc.

Answer: We typically mix them in throughout the practice…we like doing some right after a 5v5 portion

I have 90 minute practices that I essentially divide into 3-4 different sections and I try to do a shooting drill before each section. (I like that)

Or are you doing them all at once? 

My answer: We sometimes bunch some at the beginning of the practice

2. How do you work individual shooting drills into your practice? I feel like individual shooting drills are kinda slow and mess up my practice flow. So we tend to do those after warm-ups.

Answer: We do a lot of partner shooting drills (I consider that an ind drill)

3. What are your favorite shooting drills to use as your warmup?

My answer: (I like some foundation shooting – where its form into some stationary, building into off the move and off the dribble…incorporating and progressing like that.

Pre-practice drills… I need to video our stuff and start putting it into the membership portal and/or share in this forum platform.

Call me if want to talk through it.