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Hawkins ( @Tamao Kawai) downs Bunche ( @Todd S Wright) in their first match, capitalizing on the COVID truth that Todd got, like, 2 practices ?. It’s on, now!! Bunche will be coming on strong in the rematch next week. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Hawkins rides their victory into the Larchmont (me) home court today for a martial arts throwdown at The Budokan!!! (our home court is in Little Tokyo ?). Larchmont is riding a two game winning streak, including a victory over a non-conference team 3 divisions above us.

Will the high-flying Hawks take the Timberwolves pack down a peg? Tune in to find out!! Game streams LIVE, Sat 5/15 at 2pm Pacific, and you can watch it HERE!!

(Are we having fun yet??) ?