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ha. Wasn’t sure anyone was paying attention ?

I wish i could say the drama of the season lived up to the hype I gave it. The pandemic threw a big hit on academic achievement in CA this year. Tamao and Todd are both doing a great job with many of their players unable to qualify this year. They are both rebuilding programs, with great culture and buy-in.

I got lucky with a solid core of six returning players, and four newer players working hard to catch up. We finished the season this week with wins against both programs (and our other league member, Harbor Teachers), completing our season as undefeated Imperial League champs (6-0), and 7-1 on the season. We now go into LA City playoffs likely as one of the top 2 seeds in Division 4 (seeding announced tomorrow).

Todd’s team will also get a playoff game in D4, while Tamao will make a run in D3.

It was great playing against K5 coaches, all the programs full of spirit and playing the game the right way. I’m sure wet ave more competitive matches ahead in our (non-covid influenced) futures.