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Here is a nugget I got from listening to a great coach from Quebec, Ryan Thorne:

He spoke about rotating players/teams in and out during practice. He mentionned that when he had multiple players rotating, he would have them rotate IN to whatever side of the ball he is focusing on. For example, if the emphasis of the drill is defensive rotations, he would have teams rotate from Defense to Offense and then step out. The reason for that is he wants them focused on what they should be working on at least two times in a row. Now the team can focus on defense when they are out of the drill and immediatly come in and recreate/correct what they just saw! I thought that was a subtle but very important point.

Coach Thorne also has created an accronyme for the word TEACH which I think is valuable :


I highly encourage you to listen to Coach’s clinic he gave last month on team defense, but you will find some great nuggets on Master Teaching as well! Here is the link, the intro is in french, but the clinic is in english: