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On practice days between games, when I want to keep it physically light, my boys love Freeze Out, a simple FT game.

Everyone on the lane lines and one FT shooter.

Drop a ball bag, training spot, or anything else big on the wing spot. That’s “The Cooler.”

Player take turns shooting FTs. If they make, everyone rotates (shooter to left lane line, bottom guy on left to the bottom of right, top of right to shooter), and next player shoots.

If you miss, you go to “Da Coolah!!!!” to await your fate. If the next shooter makes, you’re out. If he misses, he goes to Da Coolah and you return to the game.

I make it fun by making a big deal out of calling “To Da Coolah!!” and “Yer OTTA here!” I also heckle a little, tease seniors losing to sophomores, etc. Anything to keep it light. I also enforce precision by calling a violation for anyone with as much as a toe on the lane line or the baseline (where you must stand if you are out). Shooter’s shot (make or miss) does not count when there is a violation.

I know this sounds simple and dumb, but my kids can’t get enough of it.