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great post @Anthony Paradise. I celebrate the detail and clarity of your analysis. Let me resend along the same lines, so @Tonya Schissler has some more data.

First, we also had early success, which helped buy-in, but struggled with many of the same problems early on. We fouled too much from being over-aggressive, so I spent time reinforcing that we were controlling SPACE, making the ball go where we wanted and then playing in gaps and passing lanes. This freed them from feeling they had to stop the ball all the time (just “lock it” left), reducing fouls. It also reduced the number of times they bit on fakes and moves to the right. We reinforced the 45-degree angle on our on-ball defense as well, both of which eventually helped us reduce exposure to straight line drives on the left.

Then, we too had to teach the top Deny defender to drop to the level of the ball on these drives and cut off the driver to WS block pass ( @Tyler Coston, we could use a drill to teach this rotation early on). We’re now getting regular deflections on these (hard to steal as they are often deflected OB). I’m finding Scram is taking a while to sink-in, as my players don’t trust their reads about when an on-ball defender is beat.

Overall, we have beaten several VERY good teams with this defense, and are punching above our weight. In fact, the better the team, the more frustrated they seem to get by what we are doing.

Here are our opponents stats, lined up with @Anthony Paradise‘s, last year/this year: EFG 39.7/38.1; PPP .80/.70; PPG 55/48; 3FGA 16.4/12.1; 3FG% 23.5/17.5; TO 16.4/23.5; TO% 20/28; 3rdQTR EFG% 39.4/30.8**

**I shared my 3rd QTR EFG because, frankly, we’re blowing out a lot of teams, and I often have subs on the floor in the 4th..

Here’s the kicker: we played a MUCH tougher schedule this year. I scheduled only the top of our division and higher division schools, I would estimate a 8-10 pt difference on average (meaning if we gave up 55 last year, with the same defense we would have given up 63-65 pts). So far, the LL has been a success for us. But it does take patience, commitment, and training. Old habits are hard to retrain, but once they do, there’s a lot of joy in Mudville.

Hope this contributes…