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Nelson Handel

Hi Kev,

First (and you already know this), I highly recommend all coaches employ an eval form at tryouts, and get as many coaches as you can to fill them out. If nothing else, it gives you data to point to when a parent gets in your face about their athlete’s placement. I’ve never had that happen, but this form (attached) is my security blanket. :-)

I’ve attached an Excel doc, so you can customize it as you like. It has three sections: Skills, Approach, and Notes. Skills are self explanatory. The Approach section is there to note the intangibles when I notice them– approach, leadership, spirit, and mistake response–which I just +- as needed. Notes includes general position (guard, wing, big) and anything else.

Hope this is useful!

Hmmmmm….I’ve just noticed the new forum will not allow me to attached a doc. PM me or hit me coachhandel@gmail.com and I’ll forward it to you.