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Joe Gonzalez

hi amanda,

i think trying to come up with drills that combine as many different skills as possible is key. for instance, while teaching pass & cut, you can work on different finishes, plus you can have them start the drill with a stationary ball handling move, then pass & cut.  Once you do get the skill down, then you can play a quick 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 half court game with live defense, where you teach the defense how to guard cutters and how to defend one- or two-passes away. Maybe the offense gets no dribbles, or one dribble only? maybe you win the game by getting 3 stops of defense, or 3 baskets in a row on offense? whatever you are trying to focus on. Now you are playing a game working on both offense & defense at the same time — collapsing timeframes.

if you can create drills/games where you can work on multiple skills at the same time, or create small-sided games of 3-on-3 even, then that will save you tons of time.

as for how to organize, it depends on how many practices and how much time you have. basketball is usually a long season, so you have time to get everything in eventually. it doesn’t need to be all at once.

good luck!