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good stuff @Nelson Handel and @Hugo Boisvert

Any shooting drills with time and score are huge wins… Adds pressure and competitiveness that regular shooting drills lack.

52 = 5 spots, 4 shot per spot, 2 free throws at the end – 1st shot= catch and shoot 3pt    2nd shot=shot fake, 1 dribble Right PU (pull-up) MR (Mid range) jumper    3rd shot= Shot fake, 1 dribble L PU MR     4th shot= either catch shoot 3 or jab step 3, no dribble  

3pter= worth 3pts

2pter= worth 2pts

Each spot = 10 possible points

FTs at end = 1 pt each

Find out what a good time is for your age and stage is, and put a time on it