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When I think about great culture, I dream about an environment and a group of people that compete day in and day out for greatness within themselves and greatness in those around them. I, too, believe culture is something you have to fight for. I think there’s always room for growth because, as people and coaches, we will always have room for growth. 

The best advice I’ve heard would be along the lines of having a willingness to be disagreeable. Be willing to say it can better. We can be better. To not let your ego or blind spots get in the way of constant improvement. If you prioritize wanting to be liked, you’ll probably make the unfortunate mistake of avoiding the healthy conflict and tension that comes with acknowledging that there’s another level. An avoidance that will keep you from taking the necessary and potentially uncomfortable steps to pivot, tweak, or change to get there.

Getting it right is extremely difficult because it starts with us and living out the culture that we desire to see every day. Love, trust, excellence, hard work, courageous conversations, truth, transparency, care, competitive, vulnerability, leaving things better than you found it. We could all go on. 

As leaders, the impetus of our culture is as close as an honest look in the mirror and choosing to light a path worthwhile for others to follow. May we all stay humble and audacious enough to seek the very best, and disagreeable enough to inch ever closer to achieving it.