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Apologize for not checking back in to here in a few days. Been preparing for a big game with a rival tonight. Trying to get that #1 seed for our state playoffs and go to the nationals tournament in Dayton, TN. What changed with my offensive thinking is the way I went about applying our offense. I used to think we had to run our offense each time down with a minimum number of passes before we scored. I don’t have the tallest team (only 2 players over 6 foot, 6’1 & 6’3) so I thought that would help us compete better by playing a ball control style offense. The team I have now is extremely fast, so I am using that. My PG is a sprinter who runs the 100 m in 11 sec. or something like that. I decided to use our team speed and went with a run and gun style (think Loyola-Maramount in 1990). Was used to having taller players while in Texas. Kind of like a square peg in a round hole. I heard the term RACE CAR and SCHAPE at PGC and really took it to heart. We full court press the entire game. If we are playing defense in the half court, we are in Lock Left. We are averaging about 14 steals per game and we do a great job of sharing the basketball with about 19 assists per game. Our turnovers are a little higher than I would like but we get up around 80 plus shots per game. The boys are having fun and they are playing better.