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How many formations do you use? (Box, Diamond, 1-4 high, etc)?

We use 1 alignment for BLOBS…everything runs out of a box alignment.

How many sets out of each formation do you have?

We have 3 sets we run against man and 3 we run against zone. Unless it is the end of the game and I want something specific, all BLOBs are determined by the time clock. (Even, Odd and 0). We use the last digit to determine which play we run. The only call coming from our bench is communicating what defense our opponents play (“Zone” or “Man”)…therefore there are no calls are coming from the bench when it comes to scouting purposes. The girls are usually aware of what teams will play against us from our scouting report, but we often confirm that for them each BLOB. 


We have two SOBS – one for scoring and one for safely getting the ball inbounds. 

Do you try to score or just want a safe inbounds?

We try to score anytime we can…I do feel if we don’t try to score our kids will not cut as hard and make it easier for teams to defend us. I do like the G.O. concept as an easy way to communicate with the players. 

How many points per game do you average on BLOBs and SOBs? 

I would say we get 2-8…

For Defense, do you run 100% Zone, 100% man, mix it up, aggressive, straight u

We mix it up based on what we know about a team and what they try to do on BLOBs…our default setting is man.