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We implemented #LockLeft at the beginning of this year with zero previous experience. I coach 8th boys and have always used the PackLine as it makes so much sense with middle school – you dictate outside shots and are constantly in driving lanes. This worked great for us last year and in years’ past, but this group was really athletic, so I wanted something to fit their levels, and Lock Left was it. 

They really latched onto the roles of Controller, Sniper, MuH/L, and Safety. We had guys buy into their roles in transition and it became like second nature, with our mantra NO SHOT, NO RIGHT!

We averaged 12.6 steals a game, and our opponents’ shot distribution improved every week to be further from the basket and right side. As the season went on, we evolved as Tyler did his updating of language and whatnot in his webinars. By the end of the season, we had it down really well and outscored opponents on an average of 52.8 to 31.2 PPG.

We were also effective out of timeouts when we switched into a 122 or 23 with LL principles.

We were really good in transition with the controller hunting for the ball every change of possession. We also sometimes tweaked the Sniper’s job and let him run and jump to trap with the controller at his discretion. 

Overall, great experience with it and looking forward to doing it in more detail next year!