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What is your overall philosophy and approach for BLOBs (Baseline Out of Bounds) and SOBs (Side-out of Bounds)?

I’m much more aggressive in scoring (and preventing scoring) on BLOBs. I don’t know why but I’ve never been a big SOBs coach. 


Specific Questions I’d be curious to know:

How many formations do you use? (Box, Diamond, 1-4 high, etc)?

One. Everything runs out of a box. Makes it much harder to scout our BLOBs because they all look the same. 


How many sets out of each formation do you have?

4-5 out of box. But each set has a counter option “up” that is just a small wrinkle. So 4-5 BLOBs with two options gives us upwards of 10 sets with very little practice time needed. 


Do you try to score or just want a safe inbounds?

BLOBs = score
SOBs = get it in (area of improvement for me as a coach here though)


How many points per game do you average on BLOBs and SOBs?

BLOBs = 8-12 points (unscientifically. I called all the BLOBs throughout last season and we often scored on at least 1 per quarter). We had stretches where our BLOBs kept us in games because our half court offense was struggling so badly. 


For Defense, do you run 100% Zone, 100% man, mix it up, aggressive, straight up?

Preseason = run our matchup zone b/c it is what we are working on

League = scout specific. Often we will give a 2/3 zone look but then chase a player on inbound (making it a man d vs. a zone BLOB set)