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How many formations? 5 alignments     Box, Diamond, Triangle (moved around on the floor), 1-4 High, Offset Line, Horizontal Line

How many sets out of each formation?  Box alignment has four sets that can be used against man or zone. 

                                                                           Triangle, 1-4 High, Diamond have two in them

                                                                          Offset Line has two and are zone specific 

                                                                          Horizontal Line we use against switching man or match-up zones

        *No matter the BLOB we end all the actions with a cross screen and a down screen against man and zone.  

Do you try to score or play it safe ?     BLOB:  Score      SLOB: Get it in bounds but we have a couple we try score with when needed. 

How many points per game do we average from BLOB and SLOB?       average about 5   

For Defense, do you run 100% Zone, 100% man, mix it up, aggressive, straight up? About 90% match-up zone our primary defense.  After talking to a coaching colleague of mine last year we started playing triangle and two on some BLOBS.