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Thanks everyone for you input. Since the original post we have had a little more success with our lock left defense and buy in. What I ended up doing in the next practice was having each kid individually have to play perfect defense for 20 seconds. They were the only one on defense and we had 3 offensive players passing the ball around. Their extra teammates on the baseline were the ones who had to watch and determine if they were “perfect”.   It put them in the spotlight and they had to get to all the various positions as well has closeout with hands high, always be in a defensive stance and move on the flight of the ball. Once their 20 sec was up we came in as a group and their teammates told them what they did right, wrong and if they passed or not. All  but one of the girls failed on their 1st attempt and had to go again. It took one of our girls 4 times to pass the test. I don’t know what it was about this drill we did but the next game was an obvious difference in our overall energy and lock left defense. We still have a way to go but we are getting it!!! Thanks again everyone!