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Sam, great question.  

We run two sets, 1-4 and diamond (from your Live Learning).  We run multiple variations out of each one. 

We teach to always look at what the defense is giving us when it comes to scoring.  If there is an opportunity, take it.  If there are not clear opportunities,  early we look to get ball in while setting scoring opportunies up later in the game or when we may be in a scoring drought.  

We average around 7 points a game from BLOB plays, 2-3 FT would be included in that total.  We have one out action out of the 1-4 set that we really try to attack the basket and get to the line a lot out of that one. 

SLOB has been a bit of an issue for us, we have not had many scoring opportunties and for most part have worked hard to just get the ball in quickly into our offense while looking for any mismatches from switches.  


Our defense is primary a match up zone.