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1. We started using a “Beat the Bank” FT game this year. It’s kind of a combination FT golf and gambling!

It’s best with partners at a basket, but can work with up to 4. Your goal is to get as low of a score as possible in the allotted time or to a score you choose.

  • Every make puts 1 point in the bank, every swish is 2. When you miss, you get however many points are in the bank. 
  • When you’re shooting, you can bet to double of the above points to either subtract from yours or add to the bank.
    • For example, if you have 4 points and there’s 4 points in the bank, you can bet that if you swish this next shot you can take those 4 points for yourself to get to zero, or you can add them to the bank to have 8 in the bank.
  • You can also shoot till you miss or choose to step off the line after a make and put pressure on the next guy. 

Hope that makes sense. It’s fun and it puts some weight on every shot. 

2. The other is just a regular FT golf where a make = -1, swish = -2, miss = +1. Put a time limit on it and see who has the lowest score by that time or until someone gets to +10 or something. 

3. Competition shooting is from 6 spots (baselines, wings, elbows) in groups of 3+.

  • Your first shot is worth 2 points if you make it, zero if you miss. But you can get your own rebound and are allowed only ONE put back for 1 point (if you miss the put back, you are awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul). Get the ball to the next guy, repeat. First team to 20 points wins that spot, move to the next spot.