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@Kevin Carr, we used it sparingly down the stretch. Our school colors are blue and red, so PackLine is Blue and #LockLeft is Red. “Dark” is run and jump, “Light” is skirmish and snipe. 

So we called our 131 “Dark/Light Red Plus” (I liked the idea of shapes Tyler was talking about, our usual call was just Orange for 131).

It had good results when we had the following positions:

  • Controller at the top, forcing left, getting top, wing, and elbow
  • Sniper to Controller’s Left, sniping and skirmishing, getting corner, wing, and mid post
  • Matchup High denies Right and gets top and high posts
  • Matchup Low and Safety can be in either middle or bottom, depending on your personnel. We had Safety in the middle when we went Dark so MuL could run and jump to the corners and Safety be rim protector. 

Hope that makes sense. As with anything, tweak to your personnel!