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@Kevin Carr Hi Kevin. We have not tried our lock left with a 1-3-1. However, we have gone to switching between our lock left and our 1-3-1. This has gone really well for us and seems easy for the athletes to switch between the 2 defenses. We have our sniper call out which defense we are in each time down the court. We have lock left be the default defense so that if something doesn’t get called then they know they are always in that. The controller picks up the ball 3/4 court like they always do so for that reason it looks the same all the time to begin with. Our sniper becomes the baseline person on the 1-3-1. When the sniper calls our 1-3-1 everyone has to echo it so that everyone hears it (especially the controller as she gets down there later than everyone). The safety is the middle on the 1-3-1 and the match up people become the 2 wings.  We don’t force one way but we do trap when the ball gets to the baseline. 

Hope that helps some.