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During this off season I am thinking a lot about the main topic of this thread – principles that make an offense effective

Fundamentals — given — take for fact — pretty sure Coach Harrick told us at Chicago PGC  a couple years ago that Coach Wooden spent about 1 hour of every practice on fundamentals. That being said I think this simple approach will give us an opportunity for success. 

1) Spacing — probably the biggest difference I see between college teams, at least good ones, and high school teams is how jammed up the action is in high school. Clearly some of that is due to playing on a smaller court, but a big part is getting kids off that magnetic three point line.

2) Purposeful  movement — hard cuts with a reason behind them. The teams that absolutely shred us simply cut harder and smarter than we do.

3) Ball movement with the pass — ball reversals

4) Excellent shot selection — using PGC guide — 7’s or better.

5) Utilizes screens — particularly a variety of weak side screens – generating  cutters to the rim.

6) Gets players in position to be fouled, and execute at the free throw line. 

7) Utilizes more well practiced “actions” rather than set plays. More can be added as the season and scouting progresses. 

? Matches your personnel. 

Tear it up Coaches. Let me know what you think.