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I’ll leave this mostly to guys like @Sam Allen, who know the intricacies of these post actions better than I, and just contribute what I notice most as a Read&React coach: perimeter passers wait too long to throw post passes. I like post players cutting to spots, rather than static sealing. Unlike perimeter passes, where players feel comfortable hitting guys on the move, I find perimeter players wait too long, until post player is set in position, before feeding them, allowing the defense to gain position or poke at the ball. I think this is a read failure. All the executional points Sam pointed out are crucial, but I think you have to train the read as well. 

So, I preach “great passers don’t pass to open players; they pass to players ABOUT to be open,” and then drill to encourage earlier post passes that arrive at the player as they arrive at their spots. This increases post feeds, decreases deflections, and creates more offensive opportunities for the post. Instead of always having to pound against a set defender, it creates opportunities for quick momentum counter-moves–swing thrus, drop steps, up-and-unders– to attack defenders still moving into post defense position. It also engrains a “jump to the ball” aggression in the Post player.

I think the common mistake when you have a good post player is to think “dump it in and let him work.” I think the “when” and “how” he receives the ball can make a huge difference to his effectiveness..

for what it’s worth…