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to be honest, this is my least favorite way to play. At our level, post feeds tend to smothered by collapsing defenses (despite the fact that we are a very good shooting team) and I’ve never had a post player strong enough with the ball to trust that he can get me a solo bucket with his back to the basket. This year was extreme, in that I think we had one post-and-laker cut the entire season. My guys just did not want to post.

This was probably exacerbated by the fact we saw an insane amount of zone D against us early this year, so our focus was on zone attack sets vs 2-3, 3-2, and 1-3-1 Ds. We actually lost a game we were dominating–the 6th in a row vs zones– when, out of desperation, they switched to M2M and my guys had forgotten how to play the R&R. By the end of the season, when the better teams started playing M2M, our offense was not deep and we got exposed in the division semis.

This all may change next year, however, so thinking this through clearly in this thread is very helpful.