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I had so much written the last time until it would take me days to write down all of my next steps. Beside maybe I answered so fast until I may be going down the wrong rabbit hole. That’s why I am a member of Key5, to learn.

The next step for me is what I am working on now and that taken a self-assessment  and now I am redefining my coaching philosophy and establishing a team concept for the team / level that I am coaching now versus relying on what I did in the past with a different gender and older players. 

Working on becoming a better teacher, not assume that just because the players ae varisty level that they know what they doing. 

Have a heart to heart talk with the bad apple and hope that talk help her make the decision to leave the team before tryouts.

 Use June and the fall workouts to work on players development.

Help the team leader grow into that role by teaching them what a leader is and allowing them to lead.

Given my players a more ownership of the program by letting them set individual and team goals.