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8 hours ago, Lisa O’Meara said:

A  quick thought:

Getting your head coach to do an end-of-season review with us assistants sounds simple, but often goes to the back-burner. And especially with everything going on right now, even if you have a meeting it may not be as in-depth as you’d like or cover all the many areas of your program.

I’ve seen other assistants go through this before and found myself in a similar situation at times.

One method can be to do your review through your own lens and perspective and gather film, stats, and experiences that happened throughout the season.

Instead of telling, showing can be very powerful. This may not be the way to do a full program review, but it may help you gain some traction in critical areas.

Would love to hear if anyone else has ideas for creatively engaging their head coach in an end-of-season review.

My Assistant Coach gave me a book with a summary of each game (see pictures on earlier post) it was a real eye opening on the view of the season from his perspective.  I wish he would have given me the summaries after each game so that I could have seen what I could have done better. The lesson I learnt is I need to make sure that my staff and players know that I welcome their feedback and to make sure I come off as approachable.